Registration and instructions for authors

Important dates

March 1 2017 – beginning of the registration process

March 30 2017 – end of the registration process

 Forms of participation

  1. Active participation in the conference,

which is conditioned by the proper registration

  1. of papers for thematically focused sections or/and
  2. for poster presentations and /or
  3. for symposia.


  1. Non-presenting participation in the conference,

which is conditioned by the registration without submitting any paper, poster of symposium.


  1. Participation in methodological seminars,

which is expected from and offered to students of doctoral study programs and the other participants in the conference. There is an extra registration form for these seminars; and the participation is not included in the conference fee (there will be extra payments for participating in the methodological seminars). That means that it is possible to register and pay only for methodological seminars (without participating in the conference) through the following e-mail:


Registration forms

Registration for the conference is realised through Registration form for active participants and through Registration form for non-presenting participants in the conference.

If there are co-authors of the submitted papers, each of the co-authors planning to personally participate in the conference will register through the Registration form.


Additional instructions for completing the forms

Affiliation  / University studied: Give the data in the following order: University, Faculty (College), Department, address, Company registration number and VAT ID. In case of a non-university type of affiliations, the name of the institution, its address, Company registration number and VAT ID are to be given.

Bibliography: The list of references shall be presented in accordance with the instructions given to authors publishing in the Pedagogická orientace Journal, i.e. in accordance with the  APA norm


Registration fees

Type of the fees* Při uhrazení
do 18. 6.
Při uhrazení
po 18. 6. 2017
Basic fee (for active participants) 2 000,- Kč 2 150,- Kč
Reduced fee for the ČAPV members 1 700,- Kč 1 800,- Kč
Reduced fee for full-time students 1 000,- Kč 1 050,- Kč
Fee for non-presenting participants (Proceeding are not included;  only the Basic Fee

or Reduced fee for the ČAPV members cover the Proceedings)

750,- Kč 850,- Kč
Fee for participants in methodological seminars (participation in the Conference,

Proceedings and Social evening are not included)

600,- Kč 700,- Kč

* All the fees except the fee for participation in the methodological seminars cover also the admission to the social evening.


Payment instructions for active participants

Based on the acceptance of the annotations of the submitted papers, pro-form invoices will be sent to the participants´ e-mail addresses (at the end of April 2017). The payment instructions will be specified in the e-mails.

In case of submitting more papers, only one conference fee is paid.

No refunds for the paid registration fees can be made if the participation is cancelled (refunds could be eventually made only in case of proven extraordinarily compelling reasons).


 Conference proceedings

The Proceedings of the Abstracts will be based on the data given the registration forms.  The list of bibliographical references shall be presented in accordance with the APA norm.

All the abstracts are subjected to a peer-review process. The authors will be informed in the due time (see the section Important dates) about a prospective necessity of making amendments to their papers. The authors shall submit the amended papers by May 1st 2017.

Based on the decision made at the 2016 ČAPV Annual Meeting, no Proceedings of the full texts presented at XXV conference will be published.



Instructions for presentations of posters

Posters will be presented within the framework of the Poster section.

A poster is a graphic form of presentation of scientific work results.

The authors of the posters are responsible for the following:

  • Contents and form of the poster,
  • Printing of the poster in the required size (1× A0 – for presentation, 25× A4 – for distribution);
  • Putting the poster up in the designated location (at latest 30 minutes before the beginning of the presentations).


A template (downloadable here) can be used for creating the posters. Authors can design their own graphic form of the poster if all the parts given in the recommended template are included.


Other detailed information on the poster section will be provided by PhDr. Petra Besedová, Ph.D. (contact: “Poster section of CAPV” is to be used as the  subject of  the e-mail.

The section is guaranteed by:

PhDr. Petra Besedová, Ph.D.

Personal presentations of the posters are planned for Thursday, September 14th 2017, from 11:30 till 13:00 hours.

The winner of the poster section will be announced at the Closing ceremony of the XXIV ČAPV conference.

Poster template to download (.ppt)


Presentation of papers

  • Papers will be presented within the frameworks of the thematic sections.
  • Papers will be presented by their authors or co-authors (pair-presentations are allowed).
  • Presented papers show features of theoretical, surveillance or empirical research texts.
  • The maximum time length of the paper will announced before the conference.
  • PCs and data projectors will be available for presentations.


Conditions under which papers are accepted

  • The paper shall be registered in the due term.
  • The name and the abstract of the paper are not in conflict with the thematic focus of the section
  • The abstract of the paper shows features of a theoretical, surveillance or empirical research text.
  • All the papers submitted are subjected to a peer-review process. The authors will be informed about a prospective necessity of amendments to their papers.

Review process

The anonymous review process will bring the following results / recommendations:

  1. The abstract is accepted.
  2. The abstract is accepted if amended.
  3. The abstract is not accepted (but it can be accepted in the poster section if proposed amendments are made).

For the assessing criteria a see: CAPV_recenze.pdf

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